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About Levon and the Most Offensive T shirts


About Levon, So who is this Cat Levon? Most Offensive T shirts

Levon is a mega faceted individual, Musician, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, Recovered Alcoholic and Drug Addict, Spiritually Awakened, Multi dimensional Traveler and the creator of the Most Offensive T shirts on the Web.


He was born out of necessity

To escape a description that was incorrect. His birth name was given as a sub-name of his sperm donor, and when that didn’t work, Levon was born. Levon’s first name is Damien and his many books are written under that name. Levon though is his preferred moniker. Levon came from an Elton John song by the same name.

Levon has followed many paths through the years and has had many personas.

As an 80’s Metalhead he played in a band called Max Trixi
About Levon



Metal died a slow and miserable death in the early 90’s and Max Trixi was a definite casualty.


The next musical incantation was many, many years later as Top-hat Kenney

tophat kenney.jpg


This went on for a lot of years and then like all things…faded away.

After that the name Levon really pushed to the forefront with a few Books, that he still writes to this day. 

The first was a book of poetry, 

it was set up as a daily reflections type of reading.  365 poems for 365 days, each page dated.

daily poetry


The next book was about his journey in Alcoholics Anonymous called

"The Elevator was Broken, so I took the Steps"


The next book would be about his Spiritual Awakening

and it would be called “Change Your Perfect”

change your perfect cover

He is now writing a fourth book called “My Friend Damien”. 

Check out the first few chapters over on  Levon’s page.

His current Avatar is a caricature of his look today, he has Albert Einstein hair, 3 stars as a facial tattoo and a strange little beard.

Most Offensive T shirts

Of course if you’re reading this, you are at Levon’s T’s, this is the home of the

Most Offensive T shirts in the universe

Rude Naughty Dirty Graphic Tees are available at Levon’s T’s

This is his current adventure but…Okay, Okay, believe me in today’s world I understand.  You’re not ready for a T shirt, not really a reader and old time singer songwriter is not your thing, but you say to yourself…“Self this Levon dude is kinda neat and I’d like to follow him some and even support his antics”.  Here you go, for even as little as 3$ a month over on my Patreon page you can help Levon out,

and by Levon I mean ME…

the creator and designer of the Most Offensive T shirts in the Universe

Most Offensive T shirts

I guess for me “Levon”, the most interesting this is that I never had any intention of doing much of anything. Early on the guitar didn’t really interest me. music was alright but…blah.  I most definitely never intended on writing a book, let alone four.  I got a tattoo when I was 17 and didn’t put much thought into that.  Now I have over eighty tatt’s, I don’t plan for more but then I didn’t plan for these. 

Life happens it seems and with that all the things that follow.  I became a drunk, drug addict, convicted felon and yet none of those were planned either.  I get up each day and look for a butterfly, when I find it; I follow it all day.  That’s how my life works and it is quite interesting to say the least.  So this day I live and of course…

This is an ongoing story with more to be written.



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