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Levon’s Ideas

Levon ideas

Levon’s Ideas

Good morning friends I want to share some of Levon’s Ideas,

My name is Levon and I have some ideas about life and a way to live it.  These ideas come from my experiences and while they are my experiences, just like my shower, they won’ do you a lot of good.  That being said, if they make you curious, then my effort has been worth it.


I found my way into looking at life differently by getting to a place where life didn’t work anymore and when I got there something had to change.  I needed to look at different ways to live. Thus came Levon’s Ideas

My first thing was my spirituality, I had  concrete ideas of who god was and where I fit in HIS plan.  This was not working well for me.  I followed the outline I had been given, but god wasn’t behaving the way I felt like he should according to Levon’s Ideas .  Being exposed to all kinds of different beliefs of god, my ideas began to expand.


One day though I heard a thought in my head, cause that’s where I hear thoughts…The thought was, “You’ve fucked up this life, but now you gonna fuck up your after life”.  When this happened I finally realized that the only reason I believed the way I did was fear, I was afraid of god.  Levon’s Ideas soon followed


I had some people who I watched and they did not seem to be afraid of their god, in fact they seemed to have a sweet relationship with a power that they didn’t even always call “god”.  Once I realized I was scared of my god I was finally able to let go of it and open my eyes and heart to the possibility of a new power, a new god idea.


So, here I go with the ability to let god grow, and man did it.  It grew exponentially and to this day still does.  The more it grew the closer to me it got.  No longer some Santa Claus in the sky, this power literally moved inside of me.  Instead of up I looked inside and I finally found a friend, my true self, in fact my truest self.  Once this happened, then life beliefs I had started to change and fade away.


It wasn’t that I was learning something new, it was I was letting go of what I had been taught and the original was coming back to the surface.  What I had been looking for, I had been looking with.  What an amazing experience this was.


So, these ideas I have had are what I would like to discuss here in this blog and on another blog I have called “The Brown Letter and Dirty Paper Blog” I’ll make this a link over to it as well.  I do not know who or what will see or read this, but it is my desire to share things that changed my path forever.  Join me if you’d like and please comment if you have ideas or questions.


Thanks so much….Levon

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