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Staying Centered


Staying Centered

Staying centered?  The question I have this day is how do I stay centered in a world that is constantly pulling me off center. Well for me first off, the world isn’t doing anything, it is my perception of the worlds conditions. So the real question is “why do I want to blame something else, rather than look inside?”, Staying centered?

Staying centered is not really my job, my job(if I would call it that) is to not buy into my thoughts. I’m always centered, I only get distracted and believe I’m not. I have found that my default position is JOY. When I’m not actively trying to be upset about something/anything my resting position is at peace. In an automobile we have to put the transmission in gear if we want the car to move, but in neutral the car is free to roll.

When my life is in neutral I am at peace and in joy. Not happiness, from my experience something has to happen for happiness to occur. Interesting the similarities, “happening”, “happy”, (Happ)ening, (Happ)y. Coincidence…I think not.  Staying centered

I find that my life is “experience”, “description”. First I experience something and then I describe it, most of the time in a nanosecond. I see something, IE…experience it, then almost immediate in my thoughts I describe it. Example, I see an amazing sunset or sunrise, in my chest or center I feel the wonder, in less than a breath though, in my mind I describe it. Words like beautiful, red, brilliant, purple, breathtaking, all different types of descriptors with definitions that mean something to me.

This I believe would fall into what we call “normal” and not think a 2nd thought about it.

Staying centered

Here’s a challenge though, can I, you, we have an experience without describing it. Am I able to take in the wonder of anything without describing it and truthfully when I describe something I am judging it. This is the secret of not being pulled into gear so to speak.

That voice in our head is a phantom so to speak, it’s way out of our control. Ever heard someone say whatever you do, don’t think of a blue monkey. If you’re like most within seconds some form of a blue monkey with cross the mental marquee.  Staying centered


The mind is the absolute greatest of all allies, and yet the worst of all masters. It is possible to break away from it’s incessant thinking but it seems for most, it is impossible to make it stop. To break free we first have to be able to distinguish the difference from thought and feel. Experiences we feel, descriptions we think and therein lies our help.

A great philosopher named Yoda once said that “we must unlearn what we have learned”.  If we’re to be Staying centered, this is important.

Staying centered


My personal mentor told me years ago that I knew too much. We would see a bird or a flowering plant and I would spout off the name of it. He would often ask me to refrain such activity so he could just experience the beauty without the information. The beauty existed long before someone decided to name it, that is the place to be if you have an interest in being centered and by centered I just mean be…

So how do I know the difference? Words are my first clue, thinking involves words. Words that I was taught along with their definitions. Feelings have no words, we feel something and then we describe the feeling. Ouch that’s hot and it burned me, we had the feeling first, but then we had been taught what that feeling was and how we were supposed to behave accordingly. Our natural reaction is to pull away, but then we’ve been taught what to call it and to ascertain to what degree were we burned. Here’s where the ally part comes in.

Our mind as an ally can let us know what actions if any need to follow this experience. If we are in balance this can be tremendously helpful, yet if our mind is running the show, we’ll be over run with the what if’s. What if it’s 3rd degree burns, or what if it gets infected. What if, if, if?  Peace amidst chaos, meaning freedom from the thinking mind.  A problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness that the problem was created…Meaning; I cannot fix my mind with my mind so don’t even try.  However, that being said there is the possibility of being free from the mind and living centered.

For the majority of my life I was definitely out of balance and I would vacillate between OMG! And Fuck it!


Only when I was able to recognize the incessant chatter in my mind was I able to cross from resignation to acceptance. Resignation left me with ‘it’s this way for ever’ and acceptance brought me to ‘it’s this way now’ and if only for me,

I find freedom there.
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